Merry Christmas – December 2022

Happy Merry Christmas from across the Pond! 🙂 

These last few months have been so busy. In September the lead missionaries for our team, Glen and Tammy, went back to America on furlough. They visited supporting churches and some new churches too. While they were gone, everyone pulled together to keep the ministries going. As we worked together, God continued to grow the ministries. Mums and Tots ministry began to grow and thrive. Discoverers Kids’ Bible Club also doubled in size. Teen club continued to grow. And ladies Bible study is thriving with double the weekly numbers that we used to have.

Autumn Fun Day in October went so well with quite a few new kids.

In November, I decided to use the American Thanksgiving as an opportunity for hospitality. Thanksgiving Saturday was such a blessing with so much food. At first I thought I had over prepared, but at the end of the day everyone took bags home and I was still able to do a couple bags for other families as well. 🙂  

As Christmas approached, my friend Kaley recommended a nativity book for the kids’ ministries sold at a nearby shop. At first, I began to read this nativity story for accuracy, until I saw the last page. My eyes grew large as I exclaimed, Oh YES!!!!!!!! YES, YES, YES, YES!! This kids’ book, sold at a non-Christian shop, told the nativity story, mentioned the wisemen, and then ended at the cross; the real reason why Jesus came to earth as a baby!! Within 24 hours, I cleaned out 2 shops who sold this book. We gave this amazing nativity story to all the kids in Mums and Tots and Discoverers Kids Club ministries.

Since Thanksgiving my hospitality ministry has continued steadily whether taking baked goods to families, meeting up for fellowship time, or having people over to my flat. I’m excited to see how God is continuing to grow the many ministries at Bethel! 🙂

I am now on a quick holiday for rest. I love to serve, but have come to realize that I can quickly burn myself out if I don’t plan to take time to rest.

I just wanted to say to all my supporting churches and supporting individuals / friends, I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! God bless! 🙂

With love, Mary Coburn

Missionary with Baptist Mid-Missions to England

Autumn Fun Day

Thanksgiving Saturday

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