My sending church

Thanks for being interested in my home church. My family has been actively involved at Leon Valley Baptist Church since I was 7 weeks old. Leon Valley Baptist Church is a multi-cultural church with a great number of retired and active duty military church members. LVBC is located in San Antonio, TX – nicknamed: Military City – USA. When I was 4 years old, my church started a deaf ministry in which my family has been very actively involved ever since. In high school I assisted my sister and my mother in teaching Jr. Church on Sunday mornings. Once I turned 16 I joined the adult church choir. I know God has used my home church to help show me the need for missions all around the world. For the last two years I have taught first grade at our Christian school, LVCA.  I am grateful I can continue serving Christ in my home church / sending church as I begin deputation. 🙂 Below is contact information for my sending church.

Mailing Address: Leon Valley Baptist Church, 7990 Grissom Rd. San Antonio, TX 78251

Phone number: (210)684-5662  


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