July – September 2022: Preparing for Harvest

July – September 2022: Preparing for Harvest

Hi, Prayer Partners! I know many of you had VBS in either June or July. But here in England, school does not end until the last of July. The end of July was busy for us making last minute preparations for Holiday Bible Club (VBS). Then the first week in August was D-Day for Holiday Bible Club. We were so thankful that God brought so many from the community to our Bible club that week! My class was the largest of the 4 kids’ groups, so I had a teen helper all week. At the end of the week, I had the opportunity to share my testimony with my class. Although no decisions were publicly made for Christ, we have no doubt God is still at work in those children’s hearts. 😊

Once Holiday Bible Club was over, we had a couple of relaxed weeks before preparations for the autumn ministries began. Mrs. Tammy (the pastor’s wife) asked if I had any recommendations for the Bible lessons we would do in Kids’ Bible club on Wednesdays. I then began working on a list, and with the assistance of my sister, Hannah, drafted a list of Bible stories, with lesson ideas and references for each story. Once I completed that list of suggestions, I took it to Tammy, who was thrilled with that detailed of a list. That day the schedule for this next year kids’ Bible club was set. 😊

That same day, Mrs. Tammy asked if I would like to create my own lessons for my kids’ Sunday School class. The church normally uses a curriculum from here in Great Britain, but she knew I preferred creating my own curriculum. I immediately jumped at the opportunity, and within 1 ½ weeks, I had this next year’s Sunday School lessons planned and a schedule made. By the following week, I had asked a lady from the church to help me with Sunday School each week. Since my helper is a new believer in Christ, and not too familiar with some of the Bible stories, I hope this survey through the Bible will be a blessing. 😊 We are also so excited that our Mums and Tots program (ages 0-3 years old) will be starting up again on Thursday mornings. We have also started ladies Bible study again. 😊

Some of you may be acquainted with the Faith Bible Institute out of Monroe, Louisiana. I went through that 3 – year Bible institute before going to Bob Jones University. I highly recommend FBI. That institute presents the Bible chronologically with the aid of what they call “The 10 Steps Through the Bible”. This teaching aid is what I used to organize my Bible stories to give my class a good overall view of the Bible and how everything points to Jesus Christ.  Thank you so much for all your continued prayer support. And for those of you who financially support, thank you.                God bless.                                                                                                                                                                ~ Mary Coburn

Praise & Prayer Requests:

  • God’s provision – my support 65%
  • God’s guidance

1 thought on “July – September 2022: Preparing for Harvest

  1. Thank you for the update of how God is working there. My wife and I attend Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Clayton, NC and we pray for you daily. If you have a special need we can pray for let us know. We’re praying for your support level to increase.


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