January 2023: God Answers Prayer

Hi, Prayer Partners! Thank you so much for all your prayers for yesterday! I’m not sure how many tracts we handed out, but our team did hand out quite a few. Our team was made up of an Evangelist with Living Waters Ministry and 6 of us from Bethel. We had a nice age range in our team: 2 men and 2 ladies in their 70s, the evangelist and another guy in their late 30s – 40s, and myself in my late 20s.

Our goal was not only to pass out literature, but also to talk with people  about Jesus and how He alone could pay the price for our sins so that we can go to Heaven. Another lady and I spoke with 2 young Catholic men a couple times as they kept passing our witnessing area. Each conversation we had with them allowed us to share a little more. We made sure they had a tract specifically for Catholics.

One of the conversations that turned into a lengthy conversation was with a gentleman who was just released from prison. This gentleman was a bit surprised that I wanted to talk with him, and even more surprised by the fact that his recent release from prison didn’t bother me. As he began sharing his story, I began praying for wisdom. God answered that prayer for wisdom and guidance by putting into my mind the story of Paul. At a natural pausing point in the conversation, I directed the conversation back to the Bible. I told him that his story reminded me of Paul. I then asked if he knew the story of Paul. He said no, so I then shared about Jesus and His great love and sacrifice for us. I then told this gentleman about Paul’s repeated beatings and imprisonments, and how God had allowed those things for a reason. I shared with him that when the time was right God had Paul released from prison just like God had this man released from prison. This gentleman went into prison with a 25 – life sentence. The warden had wondered why after watching him for 3 years. The evidence was proven to be faulty, and he had been a model inmate. While in prison he had received beatings and stabbings which sent him to the hospital multiple times. But just last week, the warden checked this man’s record, and it said to be released immediately. The warden mentioned to this man before releasing him that there must be Someone looking out for him with greater authority that any human. As I spoke with this gentleman, I gave him a tract and a copy of the gospel of John. I encouraged him to read them and to see if he could get a complete Bible. I told him the story of Jesus is in the Gospel of John, but he would need a full Bible copy to read the story of Paul. I then asked if he had heard of the Havant area. He exclaimed with excitement that he lives there. I then told him about Bethel. We will see if he comes in the following weeks. God is definitely at work in his heart and in the hearts of many we spoke to yesterday!

Thank you so much for all your continued prayer support. And for those of you who financially support, thank you.😊                                                                                                               God bless.

~ Mary Coburn

Missionary with Baptist Mid-Missions to England

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