January 2019


God has guided me to 7 churches in the last 3 months. God is so good! He has brought me into contact with individuals and churches that have committed to pray for me as I seek to join God in what He is doing in England. Right now, I am preparing for a ladies’ meeting later this month. A song that has kept going through my mind in the last couple months is a song my church choir sang for Christmas in 2017. This song was the only solo I ever did in choir. Mr. Dupree told me that he chose me for the solo because the message of the song matched my heart’s desire. As I prepare for this ladies meeting, my heart’s desire is still to glorify God. I pray this song is a blessing as we all seek to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Toward the end of January I spoke at a ladies seminar. I greatly enjoyed spending time with these ladies.  It was great to see how God directed in the preparations and also in the conversations we had that morning.

IMG_20190126_114230 - Copy

1 thought on “January 2019

  1. This song was lovely. Thanks form posting it. HUGS


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