Prayer Letter: December 2018

Two Answered Prayer Stories

            Thoughts of what to write on this prayer letter flooded my mind as I drove down the dark country road toward a church I had visited some weeks ago. Suddenly I became alert, for some distance in front of me appeared to be someone walking down the center line of the road. I instantly began to slow, trying my best to make out what exactly was on the road. I soon decided it was simply a swarm of bugs, but I continued to slow. Suddenly, I realized a large deer was standing on the side of the road poised to leap forward. I slammed on my brakes, thankful I had already been slowing from my original speed of 60 mph. Suddenly the deer leaped in front of me. My car began to slide as I pushed even harder on my brakes. I barely missed the deer, and then my car stopped sliding and I had full control over the vehicle. God answered my prayer even before I could pray for help. I instantly began to thank God for protecting me and the car I was driving.

            As I thanked God for protecting me, God brought back to mind an answered prayer from four weeks ago. Four weeks ago, God kept bringing to mind a friend in England. I prayed for her several times each day that week. Toward the end of that week, I felt a great need to contact her. I messaged her and told her I had been praying for her multiple times that week. She messaged back that that week had been really hard for her, and the realization that a friend had been praying for her really meant a lot to her. As we chatted, she began to cry , thanking God for His love for her and the bond we have as family members in the Body of Christ. I shared a song that God had used to encourage me for the last eight years (Even in the Valley). Four days after sharing that song with my friend, God brought me to a “valley”, and He also reminded me of that song again. God is always good, and in His time He always answers prayer. Thank you for all your continued prayers! God bless 🙂


  • God has given me the privilege of sharing the ministry in England with six churches here in the San Antonio area!
  • God has answered prayer for guidance, peace, courage, wisdom, and safety (see stories).
  • God has continued to provide.
  • God continues to answer pray!

Prayer Requests:

  • Wisdom as I prepare for  a one-day Ladies conference in January.
  • Guidance as I research more churches / preparing another list of churches I can contact in the new year (reaching up to Dallas and over to Houston and everything in between).
  • Patience as I finish filling out paperwork some churches have asked me to fill out.

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