Prayer Letter: February 2019

January 26th was the ladies conference/seminar for which I was the speaker.  The theme for this seminar was “Serving God With Your Mite”. God laid on my heart to use Biblical Counseling methods as we looked at 7 stories in the Bible. Most of the ladies in the Scriptures, that we read about and discussed, were ladies we all were familiar with. However, it was a blessing for me as I prepared for the seminar, and it was a blessing for the ladies as we studied God’s Word together that Saturday morning. The seminar was just over 3 hours and then we ate lunch. The following Monday, I received an email from the pastor of that church. He shared how the ladies were so excited about the seminar. They all told the pastor that they were very thankful that God had directed me to speak at the seminar. It was a great blessing to hear how God is at work.   

P.S. If you know of any churches that might be willing to support me, would you please contact them, and give them my prayer card. If they respond favorably, I would greatly appreciate receiving the church name and address so I can contact them with more info.  I have many prayer cards if you would like to help in this way.  Thank you for all your prayer.


  • God guided my preparations for the seminar and blessed  . . .
  • God stretched my patience and creative abilities when I reordered more prayer cards. The cards turned out much better quality than the first order, definitely a praise.  
  • God has allowed me to help in a small church near my house
  • God has continued to provide.
  • God continues to answer prayer.

Prayer Requests:

  • Guidance as I am researching more churches / preparing another list of churches I can contact this year (Here in Texas, across the southern and western states, and in the mid-west states).
  • Guidance concerning transportation for this summer.

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