December 2021: Happy Christmas!!!

December 2021: Happy Christmas!!! 😊

Hi, Prayer Partners! Merry Christmas! Or as we here in Great Britain say, Happy Christmas! 😊 I am so thankful for each of you who have continued to partner with me through prayer and those who additionally partner with me through financial gifts. 😊

I would like to share with you about a typical week for me here in Havant. Each week begins with Sunday morning church service and Sunday school. I teach one of the kids’ classes. Sunday afternoon is an outreach for teens. Monday, I follow the example we have in scripture by taking a day to rest. Tuesday, we have a staff meeting followed by preparation for kids’ ministries. Wednesday, I head up Mums and Tots (a Mother’s Day Out in which the parents stay with their kids during the activities). Wednesday afternoon we have kids’ Bible club, and in the evening, we have Bible study groups for the adults at Bethel. Thursday, there is a ladies Bible study group, and Friday afternoon is another ministry outreach for parents of young kids. Saturday, we finish preparations for the next day of worship. From week to week, I also enjoy reaching out to ladies at Bethel through a personal ministry of hospitality. I do what I can to make a difference. 😊 We are thankful for every family God brings to these different ministry outreaches. 😊

As you all know, I am only at 56% of my needed support. Please join me in praying that I reach 100% support by July 2023. I am so excited to be active in the different ministries, and I pray that as 2023 gets closer, God will provide for my full support so that I can stay and continue building up these ministries. The British community here can take a while to begin coming to new outreaches. The 2 new mums and kids programs we have started this school year began slowly. However, we are confident that God will bring in the families as we reach out to the surrounding community. I am praying that as God continues to build these ministry outreaches, and that He will also increase my support team so that I will be able to continue to help Bethel after 2023. Thank you for your prayer support! 😊 Also, for those of you who have contributed financially, thank you for that as well. 😊 It is only through your prayer and gifts that I am able to continue serving God here in England. Thank you for partnering with me in these ways! 😊

        If you are interested in joining my financial support team, please visit   Also, please follow progress updates on my blog           Happy Christmas to you all!       

                                                                                                                        God bless!           ~ Mary Coburn 


  • God’s provision through gifts and prayer
  • Monthly support at 56%

Prayer Requests:

  • That my monthly support will increase
  • Multiple kids’ ministries and adult ministry outreaches
  • Building project 

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