June – July 2021: God Answers Prayer

Hi, Prayer Partners! A lot has happened since my last letter to you in May. If you’ll remember back in April, I had meetings in Ohio, then one more in North Carolina, followed by an interview in Ohio, followed quickly by a missions conference in a different area of Ohio. I then had the opportunity to fly home for a short visit before returning for 3 more meetings in North Carolina during May. June began with a whirlwind. Shortly after arriving home, I had 2 meetings here in Texas, 1 meeting in Louisiana, and another appointment here in Texas.  

Shortly after arriving back in Texas, my grandmother became sick. Mid-June, God promoted my grandmother, Lucille Patterson, to Glory. My Grandparents, Bill and Lou Patterson, served with Baptist Mid-Missions for about 50 years and then continued in Ministry until they were in their 80’s and health problems prevented full-time ministry. Reverend Patterson went on to Glory about 7 years ago. Now, my grandmother is out of pain in Heaven too. God is good!

The Certificate of Sponsorship we have been praying for came in during June. A couple days after receiving the notice of the certificate’s arrival, I completed my online visa application. The following week I was able to get my biometric testing (finger printing and a photo taken). I promptly mailed it into the visa office in New York. The next business day, I began receiving emails saying that they had not received my supporting documents / US passport. I sent multiple emails requesting them to double check for my info. This past Saturday, June 26, I received an email stating that not only did they have my supporting documents, but also that I would receive my UK visa on either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. By God’s grace, Wednesday June 30, I received my visa. I immediately proceeded to secure an airplane ticket for next week. Early Wednesday morning, July 7, I leave for England. I will have 10 days of quarantine. The first week of August the church in Havant has Holiday Bible Club. God alone could orchestrate all these things for His glory!! I greatly appreciate all your prayer support!

If you are interested in joining my financial support team, please visit www.bmm.org/give or fill out the form I have included with this prayer letter. Thank you for your continued prayer support! May God bless and guide each of you. Please follow progress updates on my blog https://maryenglandbound.com    God bless!

~ Mary Coburn

Missionary with Baptist Mid-Missions to England


  • I am currently officially at 48.8% of my needed monthly support
  • One more church has informed me that they have taken me on
  • God has brought over 15 churches and 13 families to partner with me financially and in prayer

Prayer Requests:

  • Preparations for leaving
  • Travel mercies flying to England
  • More financial & prayer partners

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