April – May 2021: God’s Open Doors in North Carolina, Ohio, Texas

Hi, Prayer Partners!

I am writing to you from Texas. I was given the opportunity to fly home for Mother’s Day before continuing meetings in North Carolina.

As I was preparing to write this letter, I realized something interesting about my meetings so far.

My first 2 years on deputation I contacted 100s of churches both in Texas and in other states across the US. During those 2 years, I averaged 1 meeting per month.

During Covid I began reaching out to churches in North Carolina. God has continued to fling doors wide open in North Carolina. Since being in North Carolina, I am averaging 1 meeting per week. Multiple churches in North Carolina are supporting me monthly and others are considering me. God has continued to provide in ways that only HE can!! 🙂 To God be the glory! 🙂

In April I had 2 different conferences in Ohio: a Bible conference where I had the opportunity to speak briefly and a Missions conference. Both conferences were such a blessing!

As the summer approaches, we continue praying that Great Britain will open soon. Lord willing, the plan is still that I will be joining the Baptist Mid-Missions team in England this summer. Lord willing, if my support level reaches 100% while I am in England, I will not have to come back and finish deputation. I am so glad God has given me the opportunity to serve HIM in England! I am also so thankful for each of you who are praying for me! Something said by a pastor in Ohio during a candlelight service this past month was, “Financial gifts are needed to get missionaries to the different mission fields, but prayer is also greatly needed to keep them there! Missionaries need both financial resources and prayer to carry out their part of the great commission.”

If you are interested in joining my financial support team, please visit www.bmm.org/give or fill out the form I have included with this prayer letter. Thank you for your continued prayer support! May God bless and guide each of you. Please follow progress updates on my blog https://maryenglandbound.com    I also share the same blog posts on my ministry facebook page “England Bound – Havant Bound”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    God bless!                                           ~ Mary Coburn 


  • I am currently at 38% of my needed monthly support
  • God has brought 10 churches and 10 individuals / families to partner with me financially in addition to partnering with me through prayer

Prayer Requests:

  • I have 2 meetings in NC this month
  • I have 2 meetings in TX in June
  • More open doors with churches
  • More financial & prayer partners
  • Safety as I travel

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