October 4, 2020: Open Doors in North Carolina

Hi, Prayer Partners! These last 3 weeks have been busy ones. 🙂 The Monday immediately following my last blog post, I was asked to do a short virtual ladies Bible Study. It was such a blessing being able to share with those ladies things God had laid on my heart through the story of Gideon! 🙂  I then had the opportunity to speak in 2 churches on September 20th. It was a great blessing sharing once again about the ministry in England with these two new church families! During the weekdays, I’ve stayed busy calling and/or visiting church offices, sending emails, and mailing post cards. 🙂 These last two Sunday mornings, I’ve had the opportunity to visit “pending” churches.  I call them “pending” when I have hope that God may open the door for me at this church. It was such a blessing visiting with each church family during these last 3 Sundays! God continues to open doors He alone can open! This Tuesday is a pastors’ fellowship meeting I’ve been invited to attend. 🙂 And then later this week I’ll be driving down to the Greenville, SC area where I will be speaking next Sunday. 🙂 Thank you so much for all your continued prayer support!!  🙂

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