God Answers Prayer: Next 6 Weeks

Good afternoon prayer partners! I would like to share with you a quick story and then an update concerning the next 6 weeks. This week, as I called churches, a pastor took the time to pray with me that God would lead me to churches that can take me on for support. Although this church personally can’t take me on, this pastor invested a couple minutes bringing my need for financial partners before our Heavenly Father. This simple act of prayer reminded me once again that God knows exactly the churches He wants me to partner with whether partnering with me financially or partnering with me through prayer.  I would like to say a big thank you to each of you who partner with me in either or both of these ways.

My Upcoming Meetings:

March 4th: I begin traveling east

March 8th: I have a meeting in South Carolina

March 15th: I have a meeting in North Carolina

March 23rd: I have another meeting in North Carolina

March 28th – 29th: I have a meeting in Ohio

April 6th – 7th: I have a churches conference in Illinois

April 8th – 9th : I travel back home.

1 thought on “God Answers Prayer: Next 6 Weeks

  1. You’re doing a lot of travelling!! God speed!


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