Prayer Letter: February 2020

Since arriving back in San Antonio for the holidays, I’ve kept busy with correspondence, and researching and contacting churches. In this letter, I would like to share with you 2 stories. I
hope these testimonies of God’s hand at work is an encouragement to you. Enjoy reading
As I visit churches, I try to begin good relationships with the church families. On a Wednesday evening that I was in the Cleveland area, I visited a small church I had contacted previously.
They had a simple Bible study and prayer time. Although this church only partners with a few missionaries, they actively pray for many more. After the Bible study, we talked together about
what God is doing in their area and all around the world.

At the beginning of this month I received a phone call. When I answered it, I was surprised it was from someone I’ve known for the last 5 years. They told me that they had just remembered I am a BJU grad. As we talked, this family extended an invite that any time I’m in their state on deputation, I am welcome to stay with their family. This was an unexpected invite, but more specifically an answer to prayer! Visiting churches often winds up being an adventure: whether I gain adopted grandparents for the day, make new friends, or spend the service wondering how I recognize some of the church family, the bond we share in Christ always amazes me! Looking back over the last 1 ½ years since I joined with BMM, I can praise God for the doors He has opened.

Financially Supporting churches: 4

Financially Supporting Individuals: 4

Churches I’ve presented at: 27
Churches I’m scheduled to present at: 3

Churches that are considering scheduling me: 11

Churches I’m Currently Contacting at which I have not yet presented: 244
Thank you for your continued prayer support! To view my blog, visit

• The church meeting I had in January went very well!
• God is providing for places I can stay while on the road.
• God has opened the door for 2 (possibly 3) meetings in March and 1 more at the beginning of April.

Prayer Request:
• Open doors for me to visit and to share about the ministry in England
• That God will guide and bring churches and individuals to financially partner with me
• Safety as I travel

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