Vital Step for Getting Meetings

The best, most vital step for setting up meetings, I’ve discovered, is having personal contact / visiting with churches. The fact that people often need multiple contacts with Christianity before they realize their own need for Christ’s forgiveness is widely known and accepted. Similarly, personal contact with churches on deputation is an essential step when looking for potential partners in missions.  The data shown in these two charts shows the forms of contact I’ve used when contacting churches that have resulted in an official meeting, at which time I do my presentation, or have resulted in financial support. Many pastors, secretaries, and church families have expressed great appreciation for the extra effort of having personal contact through a mutual acquaintance or visiting the church. The data is clear, personal contact and / or meeting in person goes a long way in setting up meetings and gaining support!! I greatly appreciate all your continued prayers and financial support! Please feel free to contact me whenever you think of a church or individual that you think may like to know more about the ministry I’ll be involved with in England! I pray each of you have a blessed week!! 🙂

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