Prayer Letter: July, August, and September 2019


As we traveled this summer, there were several Sundays that I didn’t have any meetings, and many weekdays were free. However, those days didn’t stay free for long. I used those free services and weekdays to visit churches and meet pastors and/or secretaries. Below are three stories from churches we went by to say “hi”.

                This past year I formed lists of churches I had researched and tried repeatedly to contact. I followed these church lists as I visited churches. One church I visited at the beginning of July was so pleased that I had made the extra effort to come by to visit, that they made the extra effort to fit me in a few weeks later to present the ministry in England to them. It was such a blessing being able to go back by and present the ministry in England.

Another church had graciously informed me this past spring that they could not add any more missionaries at this time. I had already put the church on my list for future contact before I left this summer. As I traveled, I became friends with a family who I found out later are members of that church. I visited the church, and began praying that if this was God’s will, He would swing the doors wide open. This month, God swung those doors wide open!! I now have a meeting at that church for this school year. God opens doors that only He can open.

               Lastly a church that I stopped by to visit on my way through that state, was a church I had not even thought about before. A friend told me about the church, and after researching the church, I went by during office hours. God had been preparing the way for me to connect with this church long before I had their contact info. This past month, God opened the door for me to get a meeting with this church. Only God knows exactly when and how He will bring my ministry partners. Thank you for your prayer support!


  • God kept my mother and me safe as we traveled this summer.
  • When unexpected changes and challenges arose, God provided.
  • God led me to visit 55 churches between the end of June through to September 10th.  
  • God gave me the opportunity to speak in 5 of those churches.
  •  8 churches indicated interest in having me present sometime this school year. Only God knows . . .
  • God continues to answer prayer.

Prayer Requests:

  • Safety as I travel
  • God will open the doors He wants open
  • Wisdom and guidance as I meet with churches

My next 3 meetings scheduled:

September 11                 San Antonio, TX area

September 22                 San Antonio, TX area

October      13                 San Antonio, TX area

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