Visiting churches: September 6-8, 2019

Visiting churches has proved to be quite effective.  Before I visit churches, I research them, send info to them through mail, then begin calling each week, then try emailing, and lastly drop-by and visit in person. Some may think that I do a lot of extra unnecessary work, but I have been amazed at how many pastors have thanked me for making the extra effort to come by in person. God has been blessing, and Lord willing, many new meetings will be set up soon.

Before the conference, we visited 3 churches and after the conference we were able to visit another church. Sunday morning, we were able to visit 3 churches. As I spoke to pastors and secretaries, God showed me repeatedly that God had not only prepared the path before me, but also planned the exact order and time I visited the churches. God alone deserves all the honor and glory for the contacts that were made this past week!!

On Friday and Saturday, my sister and I went to a Faith & Family conference at a church. It was refreshing to be reminded by the testimony of many speakers that our relationship with Christ and our belief in God’s word will affect every area of our lives. As Christians, we must live out our faith through our everyday choices and lifestyle.





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