August 2019

At the beginning of this month I was still in Florida. I’ve had a few weeks home, but the paperwork I had put off as I traveled has kept me very busy! This past week, I was reminded again how gracious God has been to me this past year. During this year God has guided me to research over 600 churches, contact over 300 churches, visit over 62 churches, and speak at 17 churches.

Last year I worked part-time at an after-school program. It was very difficult to try to juggle a part time job with a full-time ministry, deputation. Because of the faithful support of a few and the one-time support of many, I am beginning my second year of deputation with the freedom to focus almost entirely on my deputation ministry. I will be doing quite a bit more traveling this school year than last. Just this past week, God allowed me to set up 4 meetings for the upcoming months plus the 2 meetings I had already secured for this fall and winter equaling 6 at this point with the hope of many more soon.

As I traveled this past summer, God opened doors of opportunity that are still showing hope for future contact. This deputation ministry process is a lot more difficult than it sounds, but with God’s help everything can be done in His time and way. Please continue to pray that churches are willing to have me come and present the ministry in England, and to be willing to partner with me in prayer, correspondence, and financial gifts.

Once I arrive in England, I will be on a ministry visa which means I can only do ministry and charity work without pay. I will be relying entirely on the generous gifts from those who have chosen to partner with me in prayer and financial gifts. Missionaries are simply church’s’ and individuals’ representatives to other people groups and nations with the purpose to share the gospel and to disciple fellow Christians to grow in Christlikeness. A missionary’s job is made possible with the partnership of many churches and individuals who enable them to focus on the ministry of reaching souls for Christ.    Thank you again for all your prayers, correspondence, and financial gifts this past year.



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