Prayer Letter: May and June 2019

All year we have been praying that God would supply a car for deputation that could travel all across the US.  This school year I have walked to work and borrowed my mother’s car to visit churches. Two weeks ago God answered our prayer. I was interested in the car pictured that was being sold by a car dealer who has been honest and trustworthy in the past.  This car was out of my price range so I wasn’t even considering it as I looked at other vehicles. But as I shared with this gentleman all the traveling I was going to be doing, this business owner suggested a solution. He asked if I would be interested in this white Toyota Matrix which was newer, with fewer miles on it, for an amount within my price range.  I had not asked this gentleman about dropping the price; that was all God’s doing!!

My second huge praise is that God kept me safe! I knew I would need to get my tires checked before leaving on my 2-month journey, meeting with churches in Houston, Florida,  Ohio, and Ilinois this summer. Today I asked a family friend who is a very good mechanic to check my car. He fixed a couple of things, including a tire that was inflated to a pressure of 75 pounds. He told me that my tire should only have 32 pounds of pressure. He said that it was a miracle the tire hadn’t burst. I had already driven my car for 1 1/2 weeks.God is so good!  

P.S. I will be posting updates on my website: and ministry facebook page: England Bound – Havant Bound as I travel. Please feel free to visit either for updates. See you on the internet!! 😀  


  • God supplied a great used car!
  • God supplied the funds to purchase this car for deputation.
  • God kept me safe as I drove with an unsafe tire.
  • God has given me the opportunity to speak in 3 more churches.
  • My support level has increased to 15%  🙂
  • God has continued to provide.
  • God continues to answer prayer.

Prayer Requests:

  • Safety as I travel
  • Wisdom and guidance as I meet with churches

And many more churches have told me that they are considering me. While I’m in the area of these churches, my goal is to stop by and visit. Only God knows what the outcome will be.  God knows individuals and churches He wants me to partner with! 🙂

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