Great Beginning! June 15-17, 2019

My first stop on this 2 month trip was in Houston. A BMM missionary has been working with a small church in a town close to Houston. It was wonderful meeting the church family and BMM family members! There are two retired BMM missionary couples also helping at that church! It was a blessing to hear stories about how God has been and is continuing to bless the church. Small churches can be very difficult to get self-supporting. It was truely a blessing to be given the opportunity to share what God is doing in England in both Sunday morning services, kids Sunday School class and Jr. Church. For Jr. Church and Sunday school I was also given the privilege of teaching the Bible story. It was so much fun!! The picture below is of one of my adult presentations, but the special fact about this presentation is that it was my first time to use an interpreter other than ASL interpreters.

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