Prayer Letter January 27, 2021: Traveling Between TX and NC

Hi, Prayer Partners! God continues to answer prayer and provide for my needs as I travel on deputation.

As I drove home in December, God showed me again how He will provide for all my needs. It was around 1:30am when I pulled into a Love’s gas station. I pulled up behind a car at the gas pump and saw my car’s reflection as my headlight illuminated the rear of the first car. I suddenly realized I no longer had 2 head lights.  I pumped gas, and then went inside to see if I could purchase a headlight. The employee was surprised when I didn’t know exactly which of the 6 available headlight bulb options I needed, but she took the time to explain how I could find the answer. I then purchased a new bulb and realized I had a new problem. After I asked a couple of embarrassing questions, another employee offered to teach me how to change the bulb. As we lowered the hood, we realized there was an additional problem. The employee took extra time to further help secure my car hood. God showed me that night that HE is always with us in the midst of the challenges and struggles HE allows us to face. God reminded me that when I feel alone, HE is not just there, but HE is also carrying me through. 🙂            

Below are some family pictures from Christmas, December 2020. Little John is the newest addition 🙂

This past summer, my pastor requested that my sending church help with getting me to England faster. We brought it before Baptist Mid-Missions, and together we made plans for me to go on a 2-year special assignment to England. Lord willing, the plan is, as soon as England reopens and we can finalize paperwork, I will be headed to England. At the end of this 2-year assignment, Lord willing, if I am at 100% support, I will not be required to come back to finish deputation. However, if I am still under 100% support, I will be required to come back and finish raising financial support on deputation. I ask you to join me in prayer that I reach full support by the end of that 2-year special assignment. God has placed my heart in England: a land that has grown very cold toward the gospel.

The purpose for this special assignment is to once again work alongside the BMM missionary families there. During this past year, many regulations have made kid and teen ministries extremely difficult. Lord willing, I will be helping to rebuild these ministries.

As I think about England, things like airplane tickets and packing with extra luggage comes to mind. When I traveled for my internship, I traveled with a large suitcase, a backpack, and a large purse. When I traveled to England for my 5-week survey trip, I traveled with a backpack and a purse. However, for this special assignment, I will definitely be traveling with more luggage. I am glad I have a growing assortment of Biblical counseling and teaching materials to take with me.  😊

I have been asked many times throughout the recent months, “Where will you be staying in England?” I will be getting my own flat (which we know as an apartment here in the US). And so all the normal living expenses come to mind such as: supplies, rent and furnishings for an apartment in England, monthly medical insurance, transportation while in England, ministry expenses, utilities, and taxes . . . .

This special assignment with Baptist Mid-Missions for two years is simply a way to help get me to England faster. I know many of the churches I’ve spoken at can’t take on missionaries at this time. However, I’m praying God will continue to lead churches and individuals to partner with me as I seek to join the BMM missions’ team in the United Kingdom. As we prayerfully seek God’s blessing and provision for this 2-year special assignment, would you prayerfully consider partnering with me as I seek to join the BMM team in England? If you are interested in joining my financial support team, please visit or fill out the form I have included with this prayer letter.

Thank you for your continued prayer support! May God bless and guide each of you. Please follow progress updates on my blog    I also share the same blog posts on my ministry facebook page “England Bound – Havant Bound”                           

  God bless.                 

    ~ Mary Coburn 


  • God has brought 7 churches and 8 individuals / families to partner with me financially in addition to partnering with me through prayer
  • During my time in North Carolina, God has provided for 17 meetings and 3 more in other states: SC & AL

Prayer Requests:

  • More meetings with churches
  • More financial partners
  • More prayer partners
  • Safety as I travel


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