December 13, 2020: North Carolina to Texas

Hi, Prayer Partners!! During these past four months, God has brought great blessing! He has provided meetings almost every week. God has also allowed me the opportunity to serve alongside a church here in North Carolina! As I prepare to head back to Texas, I know I’ll be leaving a lot of friends God has blessed me with during my stay here in North Carolina. Lord willing, the plan is that I begin my journey back home on Saturday. I will be traveling for a few days, but my goal is to arrive home for Christmas. Thank you for all your continued prayer support! 🙂

1 thought on “December 13, 2020: North Carolina to Texas

  1. John Douglas Gillespie December 14, 2020 — 12:12 pm

    Blessings and safety on your return trip home. It was good to have seen you again recently at Fellowship Bible Baptist Church in Archdale, NC recently during your missionary presentation and to especially have you in our SS Class. Pray you get your needed support quickly for the journey to a land and nation (England) that once was the beacon light of the world in Missions and sending forth Missionaries but now in such desperate need of your presence and others of like common beliefs and faith to go forth in their land along with others to shore up the foundation of the faith of believers and especially to be a true and faithful witness of the testimony and work of redemption of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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