Prayer Letter: Blessings During October & November 2019

One Sunday in September, I was surprised when I arrived at a small church. I was asked last minute to teach Sunday school in addition to presenting the ministry in England during the morning service. Every time I teach a small group of kids, I’m reminded that God has special plans for each of those kids. The kids were so attentive and they asked so many questions. One middle-school girl in particular seamed so interested in missions around the world; I have no doubt God is working on her heart.

While in Katy, I had the privilege of spending a lot of time with retired BMM missionaries to Mexico and current BMM Home-Field missionaries. The fellowship time, wisdom, and daily encouragement I had during that week was definitely a gift from God. God knew I needed that week of fellowshipping with fellow full-time servants of our Lord and Savior.

This past Sunday, I was invited to join a regional church picnic where 4 churches were meeting together to fellowship with each other. I got to join in on a new game for me called “Nine Square.” I met many new friends. One new friend was a young lady 3 months younger than me who is a teacher. My thoughts went back to my 2 years teaching 1st grade. As we spoke, we both were reminded so clearly that God directs are daily steps as we seek to serve Him with our life. God knew I needed experience as a teacher, and now He is preparing me for England. It filled me with joy to hear about how God has prepared this new friend to teach kids in public school. God prepares each of us for different tasks to reach people with the gospel. I am so glad to have met her and heard how God is working in her life and in that community!              Thank you for your continued partnership with me through prayer! Each of you are a part of these praises.  


  • Spoke on September 11th near San Antonio & it went well.
  • Spoke on September 22nd near San Antonio & it went very well!
  • Gave an update on October 13th at a church near San Antonio.
  • Spoke to kids in Master Club on October 13th in Katy, TX.
  • Spoke on October 20th in Houston & it went well.
  • Spoke in Master Club again in Katy, TX & it went very well!
  • Spoke at church on October 27th in Mobile, AL & it went well!
  • Spoke at a regional churches in Mobile picnic on October 27th.

Prayer Requests:

  • My next meeting is in Warsaw on November 17th.
  • Safety as I continue to travel and visit churches as I head north toward Indiana.
  • God will bring the churches & individuals to partner with me.

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