My October 2019 Houston Adventure

While in Houston, I was given the opportunity to teach kids Bible club two Sundays, present the ministry in England to a new church, and teach a kids Sunday School class. During the week-days, I began my days with a walk with Ms. Peggy (Mr.Dan and Ms. Peggy Witcher are retired BMM missionaries), then ate  breakfast before setting off for very busy days of visiting churches. On that Monday (which was a school holiday) and the following Saturday I had the blessing of spending time with BMM home-field missionaries Gerald and Julie Hawk. Both families were such a huge encouragement during my stay in Houston! Although their church is small at present, I know God has special plans for that church! 🙂 Please join me as I pray for this church and that God will bless the Hawk family and the church they are serving in. Thank you for your continued prayer support!! God continues to hear and answer prayer!! 🙂

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