Prayer Letters


August 2020: North Carolina

Yesterday morning, I woke up in a city over 1,400 miles from my home near San Antonio, TX. There were many times as I drove that I felt God’s hand of protection, as car after car barely missed hitting me. Wednesday, I drove north to Dallas. The next morning, I got up at 3:00 am to hit the road for North Carolina. I arrived in North Carolina super early Friday morning. Hurricane Laura followed close behind me as I drove across the southern part of the United States. But God kept me safe and awake during that exhausting drive. 😊

Last night, I met 2 college girls from the Philippines that are preparing to go back to the Philippines as missionaries. It was wonderful getting to know them. As they shared, I was reminded that God is at work all around the world. He is preparing each of us to reach people with the gospel. COVID and other struggles throughout our lives may cause our job to become more difficult, but God is working in peoples’ hearts!

I am very thankful for missionary apartments as I travel on deputation. 😊 In the past, I’ve been blessed to stay with family and friends, but on this 2-3 month trip, missionary apartments are my best option.  God has continued to provide for all my needs! 😊

This coming January, Lord willing, the plan is that I will be leaving for a 2-year Special Assignment with a missionary family near Portsmouth, England. Yes, this plan is contingent on whether COVID restrictions have lifted enough that I can get into the UK. I am currently at 25% of my needed support. My home church is planning to temporarily back me more than the 15% they are already partnering with me. Right now, I am still seeking prayer and financial partners as I proceed with plans for this special assignment. Lord willing, I will reach 100% of my needed support before the special assignment is over. In which case, I will be allowed to stay in England without the need to come back and finish deputation. Thank you for your continued prayer support!  To view my blog, please visit 😊                   ~ Mary Coburn 

      Praises and prayer requests:

  • Meeting Aug. 30th AM in NC
  • Meeting Sept.  6th AM in NC
  • Meeting Sept. 20th AM in NC
  • Meeting Sept. 20th PM in NC
  • Meeting Oct.   11th AM in SC
  • Meeting Oct.   18th AM in SC
  • Meeting Oct.   25th All day in NC
  • Please join me in praying that I get meetings for the remaining Sundays too.  😊
  • And that God will guide and bring churches and individuals to financially partner with me
  • And for safety as I travel


March – May 2020: Challenging trip and Continuing on

           During March and April, I had scheduled 4 meetings with churches and 1 conference. God allowed 3 of those meetings to still take place before I had to begin traveling home. The last church I was supposed to meet with had to cancel, but they let me know that they were planning to join my financial support team. God is so good!

           Traveling home with all the changing mandates in each state made it a challenging trip. I traveled 4,409 miles, visiting 6 churches in South Carolina and 54 churches in North Carolina.  One word to describe my trip: tiring!  

It was such a privilege to speak with multiple pastors and secretaries. Some future meetings were set up, and other churches were open to the idea of having me come back. It was such a blessing for me to hear from these pastors: blessings, challenges, and goals they have for their churches. God is actively at work in hearts!

There are a few meetings in the Carolinas I would like to briefly share with you. After presenting at a church in South Carolina, I spent time getting to know the pastor and his family. They shared that a reason they had been so excited about my visit was because I have Biblical Counseling training. Their church is very strong on Biblical Counseling, and they are very excited when they meet missionaries with Biblical Counseling training not just Christian Counseling!

My next story is from North Carolina. At the first church I visited, an assistant pastor took about 30 minutes and asked me many questions about the ministry I would be involved with in England. He had personally grown up on the mission field, so the questions he asked were specific and insightful. That meeting was a great encouragement to me!

Some visits were like ping-pong games where the pastor would ask me a question, listen to my answer, and then he would share a story.  😊 It was a blessing to hear how God has been providing, guiding, and blessing!  At another church I visited, the pastor shared how his parents are BMM missionaries, and how excited he was that I am with Baptist Mid-Missions. A church I am scheduled to meet with in September was a real blessing. The pastor asked many questions, and then shared how some of his kids have also gone into the ministry. Every pastor I had the privilege of speaking with expressed their appreciation that I had taken the time to come by in person to meet them! 😊

Thank you to all my prayer partners and financial support partners! As I continue to reach out to churches, I will also be praying for you too. I pray you all have a blessed week as we remember Christ’s great love and care for us. 😊

This past week, my family had the blessing of celebrating college graduation for one of my sisters. We took a sisters’ picture! 😊                                         


         Meetings went well

Prayer Request:

         Future meetings

February 2020:

Since arriving back in San Antonio for the holidays, I’ve
kept busy with correspondence, and researching and contacting
churches. In this letter, I would like to share with you 2 stories. I
hope these testimonies of God’s hand at work is an
encouragement to you. Enjoy reading
As I visit churches, I try to begin good relationships with
the church families. On a Wednesday evening that I was in the
Cleveland area, I visited a small church I had contacted previously.
They had a simple Bible study and prayer time. Although this
church only partners with a few missionaries, they actively pray
for many more. After the Bible study, we talked together about
what God is doing in their area and all around the world.
At the beginning of this month I received a phone call.
When I answered it, I was surprised it was from someone I’ve
known for the last 5 years. They told me that they had just
remembered I am a BJU grad. As we talked, this family extended
an invite that any time I’m in their state on deputation, I am
welcome to stay with their family. This was an unexpected invite,
but more specifically an answer to prayer!
Visiting churches often winds up being an adventure:
whether I gain adopted grandparents for the day, make new
friends, or spend the service wondering how I recognize some of
the church family, the bond we share in Christ always amazes me!
Looking back over the last 1 ½ years since I joined with
BMM, I can praise God for the doors He has opened.

Financially Supporting churches: 4

Financially Supporting Individuals: 4

Churches I’ve presented at: 27
Churches I’m scheduled to present at: 3

Churches that are considering scheduling me: 11

Churches I’m Currently Contacting at which I have not yet presented: 244
Thank you for your continued prayer support! To view my blog, visit

• The church meeting I had in
January went very well!
• God is providing for places I can
stay while on the road.
• God has opened the door for 2
(possibly 3) meetings in March
and 1 more at the beginning of

Prayer Request:
• Open doors for me to visit and
to share about the ministry in
• That God will guide and bring
churches and individuals to
financially partner with me
• Safety as I travel


Blessings During

 October & November 2019

One Sunday in September, I was surprised when I arrived at a small church. I was asked last minute to teach Sunday school in addition to presenting the ministry in England during the morning service. Every time I teach a small group of kids, I’m reminded that God has special plans for each of those kids. The kids were so attentive and they asked so many questions. One middle-school girl in particular seamed so interested in missions around the world; I have no doubt God is working on her heart.

            While in Katy, I had the privilege of spending a lot of time with retired BMM missionaries to Mexico and current BMM Home-Field missionaries. The fellowship time, wisdom, and daily encouragement I had during that week was definitely a gift from God. God knew I needed that week of fellowshipping with fellow full-time servants of our Lord and Savior.

This past Sunday, I was invited to join a regional church picnic where 4 churches were meeting together to fellowship with each other. I got to join in on a new game for me called “Nine Square.” I met many new friends. One new friend was a young lady 3 months younger than me who is a teacher. My thoughts went back to my 2 years teaching 1st grade. As we spoke, we both were reminded so clearly that God directs are daily steps as we seek to serve Him with our life. God knew I needed experience as a teacher, and now He is preparing me for England. It filled me with joy to hear about how God has prepared this new friend to teach kids in public school. God prepares each of us for different tasks to reach people with the gospel. I am so glad to have met her and heard how God is working in her life and in that community!              Thank you for your continued partnership with me through prayer! Each of you are a part of these praises.  


  • Spoke on September 11th near San Antonio & it went well.
  • Spoke on September 22nd near San Antonio & it went very well!
  • Gave an update on October 13th at a church near San Antonio.
  • Spoke to kids in Master Club on October 13th in Katy, TX.
  • Spoke on October 20th in Houston & it went well.
  • Spoke in Master Club again in Katy, TX & it went very well!
  • Spoke at church on October 27th in Mobile, AL & it went well!
  • Spoke at a regional churches in Mobile picnic on October 27th.

Prayer Requests:

  • My next meeting is in Warsaw on November 17th.
  • Safety as I continue to travel and visit churches as I head north toward Indiana.
  • God will bring the churches & individuals to partner with me.

July, August, & Beginning of September 2019

            As we traveled this summer, there were several Sundays that I didn’t have any meetings, and many weekdays were free. However, those days didn’t stay free for long. I used those free services and weekdays to visit churches and meet pastors and/or secretaries. Below are three stories from churches we went by to say “hi”.

                This past year I formed lists of churches I had researched and tried repeatedly to contact. I followed these church lists as I visited churches. One church I visited at the beginning of July was so pleased that I had made the extra effort to come by to visit, that they made the extra effort to fit me in a few weeks later to present the ministry in England to them. It was such a blessing being able to go back by and present the ministry in England.

Another church had graciously informed me this past spring that they could not add any more missionaries at this time. I had already put the church on my list for future contact before I left this summer. As I traveled, I became friends with a family who I found out later are members of that church. I visited the church, and began praying that if this was God’s will, He would swing the doors wide open. This month, God swung those doors wide open!! I now have a meeting at that church for this school year. God opens doors that only He can open.

               Lastly a church that I stopped by to visit on my way through that state, was a church I had not even thought about before. A friend told me about the church, and after researching the church, I went by during office hours. God had been preparing the way for me to connect with this church long before I had their contact info. This past month, God opened the door for me to get a meeting with this church. Only God knows exactly when and how He will bring my ministry partners. Thank you for your prayer support!


  • God kept my mother and me safe as we traveled this summer.
  • When unexpected changes and challenges arose, God provided.
  • God led me to visit 55 churches between the end of June through to September 10th.  
  • God gave me the opportunity to speak in 5 of those churches.
  •  8 churches indicated interest in having me present sometime this school year. Only God knows . . .
  • God continues to answer prayer.

Prayer Requests:

  • Safety as I travel
  • God will open the doors He wants open
  • Wisdom and guidance as I meet with churches

My next 3 meetings scheduled:

September 11                 San Antonio, TX area

September 22                 San Antonio, TX area

October      13                 San Antonio, TX area

May & June 2019 Update

All year we have been praying that God would supply a car for deputation that could travel all across the US.  This school year I have walked to work and borrowed my mother’s car to visit churches. Two weeks ago God answered our prayer. I was interested in the car pictured that was being sold by a car dealer who has been honest and trustworthy in the past.  This car was out of my price range so I wasn’t even considering it as I looked at other vehicles. But as I shared with this gentleman all the traveling I was going to be doing, this business owner suggested a solution. He asked if I would be interested in this white Toyota Matrix which was newer, with fewer miles on it, for an amount within my price range.  I had not asked this gentleman about dropping the price; that was all God’s doing!!

My second huge praise is that God kept me safe! I knew I would need to get my tires checked before leaving on my 2-month journey, meeting with churches in Houston, Florida,  Ohio, and Ilinois this summer. Today I asked a family friend who is a very good mechanic to check my car. He fixed a couple of things, including a tire that was inflated to a pressure of 75 pounds. He told me that my tire should only have 32 pounds of pressure. He said that it was a miracle the tire hadn’t burst. I had already driven my car for 1 1/2 weeks.God is so good!  

P.S. I will be posting updates on my website: and ministry facebook page: England Bound – Havant Bound as I travel. Please feel free to visit either for updates. See you on the internet!! 😀  


  • God supplied a great used car!
  • God supplied the funds to purchase this car for deputation.
  • God kept me safe as I drove with an unsafe tire.
  • God has given me the opportunity to speak in 3 more churches.
  • My support level has increased to 15%  😊
  • God has continued to provide.
  • God continues to answer prayer.

Prayer Requests:

  • Safety as I travel
  • Wisdom and guidance as I meet with churches

And many more churches have told me that they are considering me. While I’m in the area of these churches, my goal is to stop by and visit. Only God knows what the outcome will be.  God knows individuals and churches He wants me to partner with! 😊

March & April 2019 Update

            On March 27th I had scheduled a 15 minute presentation planned for a local church’s kids Bible club. I also had to fit in a Bible story during that time. However, when I got there I was told I had 40-45 minutes to fill. The kids were amazing. They had so many questions. I tied the Bible story to my presentation by using the story I had taught in Luton, England for Holiday Bible Club. I taught the story of Jonah and used the craft I had made for Luton as my illustration. The kids loved how the Bible story was in the middle of my talk about England. They were fascinated by the balloon fish through which my Jonah passes on the craft. That evening was a great reminder to me that missions work is needed here in Texas like it is all around the world. I pray God will continue to bless that church, and that God will give these kids a heart for serving Him.

P.S. If you know of any churches that might be willing to support me, I would greatly appreciate receiving the church name and address so I can contact them.  Thank you. 😊  


  • March 3 and March 24 God allowed me to do my presentation at 2 new churches.
  • March 27 God gave me the opportunity to teach at a church’s kids Bible club. See story   ——–>
  • God continues to answer prayer.

Prayer Requests:

  • That pastors will answer their phones and be willing to have me visit.
  • That God will guide me to the church partners He has planned.
  • Guidance as I am researching still more churches / preparing still another list of churches I can contact this year (Here in Texas, across the southern and western states, and in the mid-west states).
  • Guidance concerning transportation for this summer.

February 2019 Update  

January 26th was the ladies conference/seminar for which I was the speaker.  The theme for this seminar was “Serving God With Your Mite”. God laid on my heart to use Biblical Counseling methods as we looked at 7 stories in the Bible. Most of the ladies in the Scriptures, that we read about and discussed, were ladies we all were familiar with. However, it was a blessing for me as I prepared for the seminar, and it was a blessing for the ladies as we studied God’s Word together that Saturday morning. The seminar was just over 3 hours and then we ate lunch. The following Monday, I received an email from the pastor of that church. He shared how the ladies were so excited about the seminar. They all told the pastor that they were very thankful that God had directed me to speak at the seminar. It was a great blessing to hear how God is at work.   

P.S. If you know of any churches that might be willing to support me, would you please contact them, and give them my prayer card. If they respond favorably, I would greatly appreciate receiving the church name and address so I can contact them with more info.  I have many prayer cards if you would like to help in this way.  Thank you for all your prayer.


  • God guided my preparations for the seminar and blessed  . . .
  • God stretched my patience and creative abilities when I reordered more prayer cards. The cards turned out much better quality than the first order, definitely a praise.  
  • God has allowed me to help in a small church near my house
  • God has continued to provide.
  • God continues to answer prayer.

Prayer Requests:

  • Guidance as I am researching more churches / preparing another list of churches I can contact this year (Here in Texas, across the southern and western states, and in the mid-west states).
  • Guidance concerning transportation for this summer.

December 2018: Two Answered Prayer Stories

            Thoughts of what to write on this prayer letter flooded my mind as I drove down the dark country road toward a church I had visited some weeks ago. Suddenly I became alert, for some distance in front of me appeared to be someone walking down the center line of the road. I instantly began to slow, trying my best to make out what exactly was on the road. I soon decided it was simply a swarm of bugs, but I continued to slow. Suddenly, I realized a large deer was standing on the side of the road poised to leap forward. I slammed on my brakes, thankful I had already been slowing from my original speed of 60 mph. Suddenly the deer leaped in front of me. My car began to slide as I pushed even harder on my brakes. I barely missed the deer, and then my car stopped sliding and I had full control over the vehicle. God answered my prayer even before I could pray for help. I instantly began to thank God for protecting me and the car I was driving.

            As I thanked God for protecting me, God brought back to mind an answered prayer from four weeks ago. Four weeks ago, God kept bringing to mind a friend in England. I prayed for her several times each day that week. Toward the end of that week, I felt a great need to contact her. I messaged her and told her I had been praying for her multiple times that week. She messaged back that that week had been really hard for her, and the realization that a friend had been praying for her really meant a lot to her. As we chatted, she began to cry , thanking God for His love for her and the bond we have as family members in the Body of Christ. I shared a song that God had used to encourage me for the last eight years (Even in the Valley). Four days after sharing that song with my friend, God brought me to a “valley”, and He also reminded me of that song again. God is always good, and in His time He always answers prayer. Thank you for all your continued prayers! God bless 😊


  • God has given me the privilege of sharing the ministry in England with six churches here in the San Antonio area!
  • God has answered prayer for guidance, peace, courage, wisdom, and safety (see stories).
  • God has continued to provide.
  • God continues to answer pray!

Prayer Requests:

  • Wisdom as I prepare for  a one-day Ladies conference in January.
  • Guidance as I research more churches / preparing another list of churches I can contact in the new year (reaching up to Dallas and over to Houston and everything in between).
  • Patience as I finish filling out paperwork some churches have asked me to fill out.

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